How to get rid of lifeless and dull skin?

28 March 18

We know how busy life can be for a working woman, housewife or a college goer. Following a skin care routine is not possible when you have so much to look after. Your exertion might start showing on your face, when your energy is low it reflects in your appearance and looks. Learn how to get rid of dull skin and manage to get a lively skin with advise from Suzuran skin experts.

Tip 1
Get enough sleep:
When you do not have sound sleep you feel down and discharged. It makes your face look dull and tired. To recharge yourself it is always good to sleep for at least eight hours in a day. Getting enough rest helps your body to refresh and rejuvenate itself so that when you wake up you are fully energetic.

Tip 2
Eat well:
Diet can affect your looks in a number of ways. When you consume food that is rich in nutrients it helps in boosting your skin cells. Avoid oily and fatty food they can make you feel dozy, eat fruits and juices every day for a vibrant glowing skin.

Tip 3
Drink sufficient water:
Lack of water can make your skin dry, dull and dead. Feed yourself with enough water to keep feeling hydrated and energetic. Water helps in avoiding skin problems like acne and skin-clogging.Apply overnight masks:
Avoid tough and hardened skin, which can make you look weary, with an effective mask that performs its duty while you are in sleep. Apply a suitable overnight mask all over your face with skin-friendly LilyBell cotton rounds. Let it stay overnight so that it is fully sunk in and you wake up with fresh skin.

Perfect skin is not a myth. We hope that the above-mentioned beauty tips will help you in getting rid of the dry and dull skin. Apart from these always make sure to keep your skin moisturized, no matter how busy you may be. You can use makeup remover pads to evenly apply moisturizer on your face and neck. Moisturization removes maximum signs of dullness from your skin and makes it shiny and radiant.

Stay tuned girls! Lilybell India will keep you updated with more skincare tips in future.