New Product Launch: Cotton Squares

31 August 18

LilyBell is proud to announce the launch of Cotton Squares, a Suzuran Flagship cotton pad.

Cotton Squares now joins Cotton Rounds to bring two high quality pads to the India market.
Cotton Squares fit easily in the hand to remove makeup or apply skin care.
The clean, delicate package design matches the luxurious softness of these 100% cotton pads.


LilyBell Cotton Squares

Better than cotton balls or rolls, Cotton Squares are perfect for skin care and makeup removal because they are clean and leave no residue on the face. The pads are made of 3 layers, with water-jet cotton surface on both surfaces that is soft without linting. LilyBell Cotton Squares will be launched in India at the first Cosmoprof trade show on September 10-11, 2018.

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Cotton Squares