Two new LilyBell products available in India

28 May 19

LilyBell is proud to announce the release of Cotton Rounds and Cotton Squares in India.

Cotton Squares are a high quality pads for application of skin care and removal of makeup.

The rectangular design fits easily in the hand and is preferred by professional makeup-artists.

These cotton pads are designed to help women keep their face clean and healthy by using Japanese technology that keeps stray fibers from sticking to the skin.


LilyBell Cotton Rounds are super smooth pads that can be used for skincare application or massage.

The water-jet nonwoven surface of the pads will never stick on makeup, and always wipe-away clean.

These pads will absorb less liquid than other brands, saving on cosmetics.

After the success of Softy Puff on Amazon, we at LilyBell decided to roll out two new products in easy to use resealable bags.

LilyBell pads will be distributed by Origami, the famous brand of tissues available nationwide.

Check this website for for information on where you can find LilyBell in the future.